Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to delay sending of the emails in Outlook 2007

By default, Outlook 2007 sends the mail immediately after you create that and you've validated. Therefore, impossible to move the trapped if you suddenly realize that you made a mistake or forget to attach attachments! Here is a trick which allows for delay of 5 minutes (or more) sending an email recently written and validated.

Delaying the departure of emails

By default, Office Outlook 2007 sends mail as soon as you finish writing it and you have validated. 

This behavior is defined by a software option. Go to Tools, select Options and then open the Mail tab. The box "Send immediately when connected" is checked by default. If you uncheck, the software sends your emails to each session "Any send/receive", that session can be triggered manually through the [F9] or automatically at regular intervals by going to Tools> Options tab Messaging Send/Receive button. 

However, it is possible to delay sending emails using the interval of sound, without sending this link to sessions of receipt. You just need to define a simple rule: 
Open Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 
Go to the Tools menu and select Rules and Alerts. 
Click New Rule. A wizard opens. 
In the "Start from a blank rule", select Check messages after sending 
Click Next 
Click Next (it does not select anything on the screen "What conditions do you want to check?"). 
On alert that notifies you that the rule will be applied to any message part, answer Yes. 
On the screen "What would you do with the message?" Check the option "Defer delivery of a number of minutes" and then in the description (Step 2) click "a number". 
In the "Defer delivery", specify the length of time in minutes (eg 5). 
Click OK and then click Next. 
Do not use exceptions and click Next. 
In the "Type a name for this rule", enter Date of dispatch. 
Click Finish, then click Apply and OK.

Quote:Note 1: 

To avoid the warning emails are still waiting leaving Outlook, you can request they are sent to each systematic closure in this way: 

Go to Tools, then Options, then open the Mail tab. Click the Send/Receive. Select the "Effect sending/receive automatically when exiting". 

Note 2: 

If you do not want to delay sending letters to certain individuals, you can either add the rule conditions or define piecemeal time (in the screen of the email, open the super-tab and click Defer delivery by specifying the time of shipment).

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