Thursday, October 9, 2014


nlocks !!!
When you lock SITE 

If you can not open some web pages or others are displayed, the reason is most likely that the virus replaced the contents of the file hosts (it does not have the extension TXT), which is located in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc. Open it with Notepad Windows. At the end of the file must be one record: « localhost».
3716982_File0011 (700x402, 243Kb)
If it listed under other IP-addresses and Internet resources - is the work of a virus. Remove the excess and save the file. That it does not happen again in the future, set the document attribute
material: chip 12.2012

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


7 hidden functions of a computer mouse
The keyboard and mouse are already so familiar things in our lives that it seems there's just we can not trap any surprises. Nevertheless, it happens that all typical products are not entirely obvious properties and functions. Today we want to introduce you, and some just to recall a few hidden ways to use a computer mouse.
xqoOIKkRTYo (450x450, 51Kb)
1 Isolation of the text
We all know that in order to highlight the text you must hold down the left mouse button and hold the cursor on the desired portion of text. However, if we need to highlight the text on the page length, that is scrollable, it is not always convenient. Therefore, use the following combination: click at the beginning of the desired location, then go to the end of the desired selection and click again, but holding the clamped Shift. All the space between the two clicks are highlighted.
2 transitions back and forth in the browser
In the browser to go to the previous or next page do not necessarily clicking on the appropriate button on the toolbar.You can simply hold down the Shift key and rotate the mouse wheel forward or back.
3 Zoom in and out
You can change the display scale of the open page just turning the scroll at the same time while holding the button on the keyboard CTRL. This method works in a large number of programs, including many image viewer.
4 Double-and triple-click
Everyone knows that in order to highlight the word you just need to double click on it to quickly arm. But if you do a triple-click, you can select from a paragraph of text. Try it, it is much more convenient than pulling the cursor selection to end of paragraph.
5 Drag and drop, right-click
To move files in Windows, we use the method of drag'n'drop, that is, we take an element, drag it to the desired location, and there throw. But you can do the same thing, right click and then we will see a context menu that allows you to not only move, but also to copy the file and create a shortcut in the right place.
6: Selecting multiple images into text
If you work with long texts in which you need to cut only you are interested in fragments, it is not necessary to do this piece. You can hold down the CTRL key and highlight the right words, sentences, paragraphs. Then copy it all in one fell swoop to the right place.
7 Open links in a new tab
Many users have already used that to open this link in a new tab, you can press the middle mouse button. However, if the wheel broke and do not click, it is useful to remember that a normal mouse while holding down the CTRL key leads to the same result.

Monday, October 6, 2014


How to work with the Temp folder

here on how to free up space on your hard drive. And if you still do not know about a similar fashion, the place after reading the article you will have a lot. Here we will focus on the folder Temp. Temp - this is the folder in which to store a set of temporary files. There may be distributions after installing any programs, fragments of MS Word documents or other documents. All this should itself be deleted, but the temporary files are permanent, and the Temp folder starts to grow little by little. Can I delete the folder Temp? - No, delete the folder itself is not necessary, can and must be periodically removed its contents. Yes and how you prevent this harmless daddy? Where is the folder Temp? - It is located in the Windows folder of the system drive of your computer.

1 (462x454, 28Kb)

On the picture you can see the amount of hard disk space, which can hold the Temp folder
2 (382x453, 21Kb)

4 GB, well, is not it. Once at one of the forums was that the girl gather up there 35 GB. To clean the folder Temp, you just need to select all the files and press the key combination Shift + Del. If some files are not removed, so they are currently in use by any programs

Saturday, October 4, 2014


In this lesson, let's talk about the way you work on your computer properly delete information that it then could not be restored. 
If you are not a hacker, not a crook and intelligence officer, it is reasonable can ask a question - why do I need it? The reasons can be many! The most banal reasons - sale of the computer (or hard drive) to another person or an ordinary share of the computer. In any of these cases, our personal information can be viewed by strangers and do not know how it (the information) is they (outsiders) is used.

Some think such thoughts paranoia, while others believe that the security of the excess does not happen and the protection of information from unauthorized access bring to the fore.

Also, do not be amiss to remember where we live, and keep in mind all sorts of adopted (or not yet adopted) laws "on the Internet", shall be guilty of anyone who keeps his computer pirated software, music and so on. Here in general if you want to virtually every Users can "draw". But we will leave for other sites arguments about the importance of personal safety ...

It seems to me, to know this information in any way it will be useful to everyone, and to use it or not, everyone decides for themselves, so let's get down to business!

Deleting files from a computer process is not as simple as it might seem at first sight, especially if it concerns the removal of files without the possibility of subsequent recovery.

Beginners inexperienced users believe that deleting files is by moving it to the shopping cart on the desktop, sometimes without even knowing about the possibility of restoring a file from the Recycle Bin - saying "I'm a deleted file, as you can see it?"

A little more "advanced" beginners know that shopping cart can be cleaned, and then the file disappears (as it seems) forever. In fact, the file does not disappear, but simply marked by the system as a blank. While on top of the file will not be written, new information in the hard disk memory to be saved completely. Understanding in this matter users (no longer say "newcomers") know that such deleted files can often be recovered with the help of special programs, especially if it is done "without delay" (how to do this, read the lesson " Recover lost data " on this page ).

Too many (even experienced users) believe that to completely remove the information you just have to format the hard disk. However, this is no guarantee of privacy! The formatting process does not delete the files, and only makes changes to the area, which is responsible for their storage (filesystem table). Roughly speaking, the formatting will erase the list of files (with names, location, etc..), But the file itself does not move. Thus, the average user will not be able to find the files (because the list is not), and the specialist, using special programs, can not only see, but also to restore the information.

To guarantee the removal of information (in addition to the physical damage to the hard disk), there is an option of hardware impact on the carrier using a magnetic field. It is reliable and very fast, but expensive, so used more military or commercial entities for emergency destruction of sensitive data.

And to securely delete a file in the home we can use special programs - the so-called shredders. The essence of such programs-Shredder is usually zeroing (exchange data with zeros) and subsequent multiple entries (over zeroed data) random numbers ("digital noise").

The meaning of such a program is quite simple - you need to specify the program file (or an entire disk at once) and then run the uninstall process. This process is unlike conventional removal may take quite a long time (depending on the size of the file or disk), as I repeat - this is not the usual removal (erasing the file name), and recorded more than random data over deleted data.

Shredder programs on the Internet are many and one can choose according to your taste and needs. Some programs only work with discs (purified from the entire hard drive or partition), while others allow you to delete individual files or folders.

If we talk about specific programs, from fee-based options, I can recommend the program Paragon Disk Wiper. Time-tested software developer (Paragon) has created a really good product for cleaning hard drives. The program does not work with individual files, but to clean the hard disk before selling very handy.

If we talk about the free versions, I like the program Freeraser , let's talk about that a little more.

Download it here . Installing the program is in English, but nothing unusual during installation is not, so do not dwell on it. The only thing you should pay attention to - Check the box to run the program, the program will start immediately after installation, since a shortcut on the desktop program does not create:

1 (450x350, 22Kb)
After starting the program immediately creates on your desktop your own shopping cart , in which you can simply drag and drop files to be deleted and they will be safely removed.

By the way, enable / disable display baskets Freeraser by double-clicking the icon of the program, which is located in the system tray (lower right corner of the screen next to the clock).

But before testing the program in action, I recommend you do a few more settings. First we need to install the Russian language for the program, and to do this, click on the icon in the system tray, right-click the program and select the item System - Language , in which, among other find and click the item Russian :

3 (442x277, 11Kb)
Next (already in the Russian menu) under System , you can configure startup programs and to establish a more reliable mode of protection:

6 (546x274, 14Kb)
All other settings, use at its discretion. Also, you may need to close and restart the program (I noticed that immediately after the basket does not respond until you restart the program). Close the program, you can use the item output in the same menu, and run through Start - All Programs - Freeraser - Freeraser.

Now, when everything is done, you can test the program by dragging any unnecessary files on shopping cartFreeraser. If your program is not checked Disable warnings , the program will ask us before removal to confirm the deletion:

4 (396x256, 16Kb)
And only after you click Continue , we will launch the process of removing (by the way is quite cute and animated):

5 (157x143, 6Kb)
That's using this program you can be sure that the files with confidential information removed safely! I'm finishing this tutorial, I hope that the level of your computer security has risen by one stage.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Why choose Windows 7 and to forget about Windows 8
5218894_Windows (700x437, 176Kb)
Later - does not mean better
To begin, let's clarify one thing. Bill Gates once asked whether he uses Windows 8, which he pointedly said: "The higher, the stronger!". However, in practice it turns out that this rule does not always work. Remember Windows Me - this "lover" blue screen of death - but stuck on Windows 98. Then there was Windows Vista, which could not transfer files over the network at a reasonable speed; and all chose Windows XP. Now the fate of Windows 8: Is it worth to upgrade to this version or better to stay on the same - Windows 7 ?!

It should be noted that the history of Windows 8 is not the same as with Me or Vista. In the past there were problems with stability and performance. Windows 8 is fast and stable. Here the problem is not in its implementation, but rather in its design.

The interface is definitely good, but ...
In Windows 8, there are a lot of new functions and properties that may be of interest, as well as improved safety. But the bulk of them is tuned for tablets and not for the desktop. We list the reasons why is it that you should not upgrade to Windows 8:

1. Metro UI: no, not heard!
In Microsoft apparently were confident that users will not want to use the desktop. In doing so, they miscalculated.Not everyone likes a finger interface and metroshnye application. And why, if the usual counterparts at times functional and comfortable? But most do not have enough users, in addition to the favorite button "Start" - the ability to download Windows 8 is right in the desktop mode, bypassing the startup screen touch interface.

2 Start screen disorienting
Start screen obscures important content to the user. Does not paint a fancy interface and lack of the usual "Start" button and the fall out from left and right strange black panel Metro, single-window mode, and the low density of information on the screen. If both use a lot of applications, the taskbar becomes a real dump. Life a little easier with the Metro UI is to install special alternative "Start" menu for Windows 8.

3 There is no single search
In the 7th version of Windows to find the file or program easily. In the search bar you need to score the title or keywords in the search results and displays all files and programs that are relevant to the request. Thus they can be opened directly from the same window. In Windows 8 developers for some added one extra step. Default search only searches within the installed applications; if you want to search for all files or programs have to select the search area on your own. In addition, the search is full screen, thereby locking the access to the rest of the content.

4. Windows Store: decay and despair
Windows Store - this is one big missed opportunity. In Windows 8, although implemented easy system deployment and software updates, but this joy extends only to applications migrated to the sensor environment. In the Windows Store a list of desktop applications, but it only links to download them. That is, the store will not deal with their installation, updates, and synchronization between devices