Sunday, September 6, 2009

File sharing On Internet !
Nish: Hey MaxX , i have a file which has got blah blah ! things
MaxX: wow !
Nish : want it ?
MaxX : I'd love to have it
case1---Nish : Its only 5 Mb ,i'll mail it.
case2---Nish : Its 10Mb , i can still mail it.
case3---Nish : Its 50 Mb , be online will transfer via some messenger.
case4---Nish : Its 100Mb and its available online at ,download using
any downlaod manager
case5---Nish : Its large and its on my harddrive , lets make my computer a FTP
server, and i can transfer it to u.
case6---Nish : Y dont u try ****** . Its a p2psoftware and you will get it .

Now , sending via messenger and mail will be known to many, what is new are the words p2p, torrents and FTP server ( not to many though ! )

What is p2p ?

Peer-to-peer file sharing software (also known as P2P Software), is a very attractive way for Internet users to obtain a wealth of material from the Internet. It enables users to share content on their hard drives with others connected to the Internet at the same time. Probably the most famous and widely used file-sharing application to date has been “Napster”. While at face value, the concept of file sharing sounds a harmless and enticing practice, users need to be aware of some hidden dangers.

The file-sharing software allows you to share content on your computer’s hard drive with other computers connected to the Internet. Essentially, it makes contact with a centralised server and uploads your list of available files. This list is made available to others who are also logged into that server. If someone wants one of those files, the server provides them with your computer’s address, so that their computer can connect directly to yours through the Internet, peer-to-peer.

P2P is a term for "peer to peer" where a client transfered directly to another client (no server required)
Bit Torrent is a method or application of delivering data between clients, its method is a P2P method.

How does one make one's computer a virtual FTP server ?

FTP= file transfer protocol.
Using FTP is like downloading from any server as you do it on internet.
Get a FTP software and install.
Ask your friend to install it.
Enter your and your friend's IP.
Ask him to do so.
Softwwre will find the IP.
Will wait for confirmation.
Both sides agree ? If true.
Voila.. you r done.
Start transfer.
u nd your friend.
unlimited data.

which softwares to use ?
Lots are there. test and use.
i use bittorrent software "azerues"
Google search for "torrent softwares"
Google search for "FTP clients"

p2p softwares like kaaza , and many more will limit your file search to the users who are its members , while bittorrent system will allow you to download any file on the internet as long it is a torrent . No limitation. I suggest bittorrenting !

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