Monday, June 8, 2009

100 free iPhone apps that'll work your brain compiled by college search site

100-free-apps-for-the-iPhone.jpgOnline Best Colleges (dot com) has thrown together a list of 100 free iPhone apps that'll make you smarter if you use them. As it's so big, it understandably has quite a few throwaways (such as Gmail, or using Pandora radio to "learn more about music"), but there are a few gems here you may not be using. From the list:

16. Mint: Use's app to keep track of your finance wherever you are.
38. Droogle: Find recipes for drinks and shots with this app.
78. Urbanspoon: Find places to eat in different neighborhoods by shaking this slot machine-like app.
87. Lose It!: Get smarter about your weight loss plan by setting up a calorie "budget" with Lose It!
Don't know if you'll get any wiser, but it's worth a look — if only to see if you can squeeze a little extra functionality out of your iPhone.

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