Monday, October 26, 2009

Just like games, computer mice go 3D

computer mice

For the last couple of decades, game controllers have been sprouting more and more buttons, party because today's games have tons of fancy 3D graphics. For PC games, though, you're relying an awful lot on the mouse, which is a stubbornly 2D interface (after all, most mice don't let you move in all three dimensions). Not so with Sandio's terribly named 3D GameO' mouse, which has buttons on its sides for selecting which axis (x, y, or z) you want to be rotating around, or which plane you want to move through. It's aimed at the gaming market, although I could see it coming in handy for some designers at Industrial Light and Magic, too.

Gearlog gave the 3D GameO' a look-see and found a steep learning curve, though any gamers who think they rely on their fancy gaming keyboards too often may want to take note. The 3D mouse is available now for $80.

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