Monday, October 26, 2009

£1,800 dual screen space laptop instant to go on sale by Christmas

If you want to use it as a laptop, you'll have to have a seriously strong set of knees.

The Spacebook, a titan of technology, weighs in at around 12lb (5.5kg). Compared with the ever-shrinking portable computers on the market, which weigh just four or five pounds, it sounds hideously heavy.

But if you're willing to lug it about, you get an extra screen for your pains. With secret agent-style wizardry, the Spacebook laptop folds out to provide two equal-sized screens a total of 34in wide.

dual screen space laptop

Wide load: The Spacebook allows users to work on two separate applications... or sneak in a DVD

This allows the user to flip between different applications or work on one screen while sneakily watching a DVD on the other.

The two LED backlit 16in or 17in screens slide out from the laptop one behind the other using a uniquely designed mechanism, and slide back into place when you need to use only one.

The first pictures have circulated on the internet and are creating a buzz in the computer industry. It goes on sale in the U.S. in December and in the UK three to six months later, for less than £1,800.
dual screen space laptop
You may need a larger desk to accommodate the Spacebook, which measures more than 30in across

dual screen space laptop
Pictures of the chunky new laptop from gScreen first appeared on the technology website Gizmodo

The Spacebook was developed by a small company based in Alaska called gScreen, after owner and head designer Gordon Stewart.

He says it is aimed at the growing number of office workers, from bankers to professional designers, who need more than one monitor to keep track of multiple applications at the same time.

Mr Stewart said his invention was 'absolutely the opposite' of the trend for ever-smaller computers such as the stripped-down netbooks now on the market.

He added: 'We designed this knowing that many may not need the extra screen at all times.'

His model will have 4GB of memory and a DVD player. The company's blog suggests a smaller model with 13in screens is also in the offing.

Some say it looks like a laptop James Bond would use, and indeed the company is in talks about providing the dual screens to the military - but hopefully not so they can watch DVDs.

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