Tuesday, November 24, 2009

8 awesome web applications you never knew existed



ControlC I really like. It’s one of those websites that you think it’s a stupid idea but in theory, it really works. What it does is it acts as a online storage for your copypasta. It’s all encrypted with your password if you feel that you don’t want certain things to be shared.
Why do I think its cool? The fact it’s a tool that is incredibly useful and yet it’s one of those things that nobody has ever created. especially having it web based makes it easily accessible especially if you are not near your computer.


Splashup is brilliant. It’s like the Internet having a child with Photoshop. It features many awesome features such as being able to take any photo from the Internet orcomputer. Within the web app you can search from your photosharing services such as flickr, facebook and picasa. The features of this website go on forever. It’s brilliant if you’re on the move or maybe you just don’t want to save space by not installing Photoshop.
Feature list

* Connect to photosharing services such as Flickr, Facebook and Picasa aswell as direct from your computer or a URL.
* Ability to open up more than one image just like in Photoshop
* Ability to use Layers and Blending tools
* You can apply different filters such as Sharpen/Blur and even edit the Hue and Saturation of the image right from your browser.
* Add Layer effects just as you would in Photoshop
* There is a mass amount of Brushes already installed and ready to be used
* Support for text in all shapes and sizes
* Grab a picture from any camera connected to your computer

Roxer - The easiest way to make a web page

Roxer is one of those free websites where you choose what you want but this is with a difference. Roxer gives you the ability to freely develop and easily maintain a website with no coding required. Roxer was co-founded by someone I also respect, Jeremiah Grossman more commonly known for being the founder of WhiteHat Security. Knowing that a security expert is on the development team really means that your website is gonna be safe as they can make it, even if Jeremiah says they’re not the best of developers! What appeals most I believe is the fact that it uses drag and drop content editing. You type up the content and the simply drag it where you want it. It’s a very simple concept and is really useful for people that aren’t tech-savvy.


Orangutag is for TV fanatics, myself for example. What Orangutag does is it lists most, if not all of the shows on television in which you can “tag” yourself onto. Once you’ve tagged yourself onto a certain show Orangutag creates a RSS feed which gives you the latest updates on new episodes so you’ll never miss your favourite show.

MintEmail - Disposable/Temporary Email Address

Mint e-mail is a bit like one of those websites that give you an e-mail account but it gets deleted after a certain time so you can use it to sign up to things you’re never going to use again. The difference with MintEmail is that instead of logging into a e-mail server the page is shown via AJAX in the current page. so there’s no login.

The website also generates your account name and even copies it to your clipboard ready to be pasted but if you’re that picky about your e-mail you can create a custom one as well as being able to set up a custom e-mail forwarder to your address which can last longer than 4 hours which is what you get with an account.

FILSH.net - YouTube Download kostenlos und einfach

Filsh is a bit like that old YouTubeRipper website except this one has much better functions. What I really love about this is you can edit the video to how you want it to be before downloading it such as changing the BitRate of the video and even the format. This is also has a wider range ofwebsites that can be used with the program, Pretty much anything that has a “Youtube like” flv player can be used.

File Destructor 2.0 - Hype Magazine

I love this. It’s a good idea but it can however, get in you into a bit of trouble. What FileDestructor does is let you create corrupt documents so they won’t open or will appear incorrectly rendering them inoperable. As described on their site, it’s for the lazy people who don’t wish to do their assignments for school or college and rather be off doing something else.

Send RSS feeds to your email | Home

Fed up of RSS feeds being constantly updated? Dont like how unreadable the things are? Then why not setup a SendMeRSS e-mail. It takes the feed information and sticks it into a readable format without the hassle of having to set up a reader.

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