Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to prevent Yahoo Hacks


Well, Today in Modern period technology is increasing and with it danger also?
There are many sharp ? minded people in the world which hack others Yahoo ! Password and enjoy a lot?
Many software are present to hack Yahoo as well as give the complete info of the victims PC?
As I know, The software meant to hack Yahoo ! is made install in Victims PC and If person who will login Yahoo Messenger after the installation of The hacking softz, the ID and his Pass will send to the hacker throught a pm like this ======

This ID is hacked by ^^^^^^^^^ ID => young_gun 2000 Pass = > shubham
Here ^^^^^^^^ indicates the software name?.

This is only EXAMPLE ?.

The Best Method for the prevention of hacks is dat u must add space at the last of ur Password?.

Like ==== shubham *************

The black stars or dot indicates space. We all know that Space r invisible so, the pass sent to the hacker will be like ---------

This ID is hacked by ^^^^^^^^^ ID = > young_gun2000 Pass =>shubham
Here ^^^^^ indicates the software name?

The hacker will think that the Pass is shubham n will be unaware of the hidden space ? But ur ID will be secured due to spaces?

The spaces can be 5, 6, 7, 8 or more, less than that?
Try this best method n prevent hacks?

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