Sunday, December 14, 2014


  I've tried many photo editors. A recently discovered a new one. He met me before, but for some reason did not lead it never work. And here recently downloaded and decided to try it. He impressed me with its simplicity, ease of operations and stunning end result! This Photoinstrument. The program of work with pleasure! After processing the photos in it for many years younger! I recommend to all!
The conversion of black and white photography in color


Glamour photo processing

And after ..

The program has a built-in tutorial video
The program has a function of removing unwanted objects from a photo.
If anyone is interested, you can download: file size 4.6 mb 
The installer program operates in a quiet setting. After you run the installation program does not appear any windows reflecting the installation progress. The program defaults to drive C: / Programm Files . After 2-3 minutes looking for it there. The "cured" and no codes and serial numbers are not required. Enjoy your work!


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