Sunday, May 3, 2009

Windows Vista Tips

Windows Vista Tips to use snip tool
Windows vista have program called snip by which you can take screenshot and put it in document or send by email. You can take different type of snap like free form, rectangular and full screen and you can send in various formats like jpg or gif or html. To access this tool open start Manu and type SNIP at new button.

Access command prompt in windows vista
In windows vista if you want to open folder in dos prompt. Then you don’t need to go at command prompt and writing long boring command.
Just right click the folder and hold the shift key that you want to use in command prompt and select open in command windows.

Get permanently Manu bar in windows vista
You can not find manu bar in windows vista by default
To see it temporary press Alt button.
To get turn on manu bar permanently.
Open my computer Click on tools then folder option
Then select view tab and select the option show manu.
Apply changes and ok.

Windows Vista Tips to change Icon size
Right click on free space of desktop
Select tab view and choose to classic Icons.

Windows Vista Tricks to change default browser
In windows vista if you click on link it will automatically open in IE
But if you want to open link in firebox or another browser
Then in control panel open programs and default programs
Then click on set your default program
Now select web browser you want
And click select default for this program
And check http for protocols
And apply changes.

Windows Vista Tricks to send photo by Email
In all Microsoft operating system when you right click on picture pics you can find option to send by email but in windows vista on one more feature is you can send it in different size like 768 x 1024 or 1280 x 1024 or real size as it is.

Windows vista tricks Add program to start manu
Just right click program and sect pin to start manu this list will appear above the recently opened program.

Windows vista GUI Performance
If you have not very high hardware configuration and want to speed up graphics then you need to turn off some features.
Right click on my computer and open properties.
In advance option
Select performance and click on setting
Now customize the option.

Windows Vista Tricks for Changing the Sidebar
Vista sidebar take unnecessary place on desktop and you can’t place other icon there
You can remove individual gadget from sidebar
Right click on gadgets and click detach
Move it where you want on desktop
Even you can close side bar by right click on side bar and close.
To get back side bar click icon on system tray.
There will now be an icon in the system tray for the sidebar if you want to get it back.

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