Monday, October 26, 2009

Sigma mouse: make your Powerpoints more entertaining to yourself

Sigma mouse

If you bore people to death with crappy, lazy powerpoint slideshows on a regular basis, you should waste some more of your company's time and money by buying a fancy mouse created just for that purpose. The Sigma SGM2 mouse is meant to be held as shown and waved around in the air when you emphatically make a point during your presentations. You can move the mouse using your thumb and that little trackball, but really all you need to do is to click the slides forward. Oh look, it's a paragraph of text! I'll just read that out loud for you, as you couldn't read it on your own. Do you like my choices in clipart? Look at that man singing, he has a top hat and a whip! He looks like he's from the circus! Now let's all go out there and be more productive, team!

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