Thursday, September 25, 2014


Look, you have a keyboard, this button? And I have, but I never used it. Thanks a lot Friend jonglert . To my shame I opened my eyes to some of the details. On the whole 22 useful functions Win key features go far beyond a simple call to the menu Start. C it means you can cause a variety of system utilities to manage the windows, lock the computer, and more.

Is especially important to refresh the knowledge of these hotkeys in connection with the upcoming release of Windows 8, which due to lack of the usual Start button, namely the use of keyboard shortcuts is the most convenient way to perform many operations 1. Win - call the Start menu (in the transition mode in Windows 8 Metro) 2. Win + B - select an icon in the system tray. You can then switch between different icons cursor keys;

3. Win + D - Show Desktop; 4. Win + E - open Windows Explorer; 5. Win + F - open search;

6. Win + L - lock your computer; 7. Win + M - Minimize all windows; 8. Win + P - mode switching an additional monitor or projector; 9. Win + R - open dialogue Run; 10. Win + T - to activate the taskbar with the first application released on the panel. Subsequent pressings of this combination can move to the next button, and then press Enter to start the desired;

11. Win + U - open the Ease of Access Center, 12. Win + X - Mobility Center application in Windows 7. In Win 8 opens the "hidden" menu. 13. Win + Pause - open the properties of the system; 14. Win + F1 - open Help Windows; 15. Win + 1,2,3, ... - similar to clicking on the button with the corresponding number of applications in the taskbar; 16. Win + Shift + 1,2,3, ... - similar to clicking the middle button on the button with the corresponding number of applications in the taskbar, that is to launch a new copy of the program; 17. Win + Ctrl + 1,2,3, ... - switching between different windows of the same program;18. Win + Up Arrow - expand the window to full screen, 19. Win + Down Arrow - восстановитьминимизировать window; 20.Win + Right Arrow or Left - "squeeze" the window to the right or left side of the screen; 21. Win + Shift + Right Arrow or Left - move the window to another monitor; 22. Win + Space - look at the desktop in Windows 7 or switching between keyboard layouts in Windows 8.

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