Monday, October 26, 2009

Floating mouse will, like, totally blow your mind


We've covered some pretty gimmicky gaming mice before, but none of them come close the the awesomeness of this (also gimmicky) hover mouse. Actually hovering above your mouse pad, the hover mouse certainly stands out from all other mice, no matter how many LED lights get stuck into them. It uses electromagnetic hovering technology to do its thing, and it still has a respectable 6,000-dpi accuracy. Bring it to your next LAN party for that extra level of intimidation while you're setting your rig up. The only thing I would worry about is what happens when your hand isn't on the mouse. Does it stay still, or does it float around like an air hockey puck? I mean, in addition to floating around it's also wireless, so what's to stop it from floating its way right off your desk? These are questions you can answer by plunking down $75 and testing it out. Let me know, friends.

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