Friday, October 16, 2009

Image of the week: portable D-roll Laptop

This is latest conceptual based D-roll laptop are providing much more reliable future from another similar product , I like this D-roll laptop because first a fall design this D-roll laptop is very luxury and extra ordinary and secondary this D-roll laptop is not more expensive, but each part of body is very luxury and cool, I like it. Is not the first time we chose the image of the week on designing a device with a rolling screen and I did with the PSP of a possible that can be using an OLED display to be very compact. D-roll the laptop uses the same concept but with some changes to fit the format of a computer and a keyboard that is coiled or a removable webcam and this adds a loop that would allow us to hang the man, but also doubles its function as a USB connector. At the moment it is only a dream for the future and I think the screens will still be flexible enough to reach a massive market and until that can be happens this type of laptop will stay in beautiful designs.

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