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Why choose Windows 7 and to forget about Windows 8
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Later - does not mean better
To begin, let's clarify one thing. Bill Gates once asked whether he uses Windows 8, which he pointedly said: "The higher, the stronger!". However, in practice it turns out that this rule does not always work. Remember Windows Me - this "lover" blue screen of death - but stuck on Windows 98. Then there was Windows Vista, which could not transfer files over the network at a reasonable speed; and all chose Windows XP. Now the fate of Windows 8: Is it worth to upgrade to this version or better to stay on the same - Windows 7 ?!

It should be noted that the history of Windows 8 is not the same as with Me or Vista. In the past there were problems with stability and performance. Windows 8 is fast and stable. Here the problem is not in its implementation, but rather in its design.

The interface is definitely good, but ...
In Windows 8, there are a lot of new functions and properties that may be of interest, as well as improved safety. But the bulk of them is tuned for tablets and not for the desktop. We list the reasons why is it that you should not upgrade to Windows 8:

1. Metro UI: no, not heard!
In Microsoft apparently were confident that users will not want to use the desktop. In doing so, they miscalculated.Not everyone likes a finger interface and metroshnye application. And why, if the usual counterparts at times functional and comfortable? But most do not have enough users, in addition to the favorite button "Start" - the ability to download Windows 8 is right in the desktop mode, bypassing the startup screen touch interface.

2 Start screen disorienting
Start screen obscures important content to the user. Does not paint a fancy interface and lack of the usual "Start" button and the fall out from left and right strange black panel Metro, single-window mode, and the low density of information on the screen. If both use a lot of applications, the taskbar becomes a real dump. Life a little easier with the Metro UI is to install special alternative "Start" menu for Windows 8.

3 There is no single search
In the 7th version of Windows to find the file or program easily. In the search bar you need to score the title or keywords in the search results and displays all files and programs that are relevant to the request. Thus they can be opened directly from the same window. In Windows 8 developers for some added one extra step. Default search only searches within the installed applications; if you want to search for all files or programs have to select the search area on your own. In addition, the search is full screen, thereby locking the access to the rest of the content.

4. Windows Store: decay and despair
Windows Store - this is one big missed opportunity. In Windows 8, although implemented easy system deployment and software updates, but this joy extends only to applications migrated to the sensor environment. In the Windows Store a list of desktop applications, but it only links to download them. That is, the store will not deal with their installation, updates, and synchronization between devices

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