Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Optimize Windows 7 - Turn off unnecessary services

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It's no secret that a large part of the resources of the computer, Windows reserves to fit your needs. Today we will talk about the services, most of which work for nothing, that is, on how to lose unnecessary ballast. Recommend disabling them in Windows 7, since in most cases they are not needed, the test showed that the computer can work quite well without them.

List of recommended services to disable.
  • Windows CardSpace
  • Windows Search (load your HDD)
  • Offline Files
  • Agent Network Access Protection
  • Adaptive brightness control
  • Backup Windows
  • IP Helper
  • Secondary Logon
  • Grouping of network participants
  • Manager Remote Access Auto Connection
  • Print Manager (if no printer)
  • Remote Access Connection Manager (if no VPN)
  • Identity Management network members
  • Performance Logs and Alerts
  • Defender Windows (if you have an antivirus - safely disable)
  • Lockbox
  • Configure Remote Desktop Server
  • Politics remove the smart card
  • Software Shadow Copy (Microsoft)
  • HomeGroup Listener
  • Windows event collector
  • Network Logon
  • Tablet PC Input Service
  • Windows Image Windows (WIA) (if you do not want to be connected to a computer scanner or camera)
  • Scheduler Service Windows Media Center
  • Smartcard
  • Volume Shadow Copy
  • Node system diagnostics
  • Diagnostic Service Host
  • Fax
  • Host Performance Counter Library
  • Security Center
  • Update Windows (to the key did not fall with Windows)
Those who are concerned the System Restore service, I highly recommend
not disable:
- Volume Shadow Copy
- Software Shadow Copy (Microsoft).
Otherwise will not work the restoration and checkpointing.
How to disable the service, to optimize the system:
Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services
Start - in the search box write: Services
Find the list of service.
Next to each is a description.
If it is running click on the button "Stop" and select the "Startup type" - "disabled." 
So make with all the services in the list above.
Such a small optimization can save valuable resources and help your computer run faster.

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