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In our time we have day-to-day living, fully connected to the Internet through our laptops and smartphones, because of what becomes an object to steal data from computer hackers and fraudsters.As more and more trade, business is carried out in the online world, we become more and more vulnerable to attack by malicious users who want to steal any valuable information.
The most dangerous computer viruses
The vast majority of us live in blissful ignorance, not knowing how the processors in our phones or embedded operating system, not to mention how to properly set up and defend themselves from attack those who really know how it all works.
99% of people do not understand how their web browsers, not to mention the complex malicious programs, called viruses. Strange emails with attached worm will always open ignorant users, and viruses will always find its way into the system.
Sometimes viruses simply slow down your computer or smartphone, while others may register your keystrokes and get access to all the passwords and everything you type and sometimes, they can be much, much more devastating.
These viruses fall into the second category: malicious software programmed to destroy themselves and reproduce quickly and efficiently over the internet, prompting owners spend millions, sometimes billions of dollars to restore and systems.
Today, we will lead a speech about the 10 most dangerous computer viruses in history:
10. Conficker
virus Conficker computer worm was, affected operating systems Microsoft. The virus appeared in 2008, and it is extremely difficult to detect. Conficker can spread by e-mail, external hard drives, or even a smartphone. Once infected, the worm connects the computer into a botnet - a network of "zombie" computers that can be controlled by the creator of the worm. This network botnet can be used for DoS-attacks, or to gather important financial information.
The most dangerous computer viruses
9. Storm Worm
Storm Worm was a virus, which functioned as Conficker. It infects computers and turns them into zombies to participate in the botnet. Began its spread in 2006 via e-mail. The virus quickly spread across the Internet, bringing the world it has infected about 10 million PCs.
The most dangerous computer viruses
8. CIH
Sometimes the creators of computer viruses pursue "good" Celi when creating viruses. And in the case of Chen Ing-Hau from Taiwan, who in 1998 created the virus CIH (also known as "Chernobyl"), to demonstrate how vulnerable computers Tatung University. However, the virus quickly spread rapidly beyond the university around the world. CIH was devastating virus that rewrote the BIOS, make them completely useless and computers were not even boot. The virus caused damage to users of around 250 million. Dollars.
The most dangerous computer viruses
Melissa 7.
In 1999, a virus called Melissa spread through e-mail in the same way as the CIH. The virus caused damage of $ 300 - 600 million. Dollars and forced the FBI to conduct the biggest at that time Internet search. In the end, the author Melissa was found, they turned out to be David L. Smith, who spent 20 months in federal prison and pay a fine of only $ 5,000.
The most dangerous computer viruses
6. SQL Slammer
SQL Slammer (also known as "Sapphire") was a worm that spread so quickly and efficiently that it is effectively slowed down the speed of the Internet around the world. 75,000 were infected hosts within 10 minutes after the start of the virus in January 2003, mainly in South Korea, but by the end of the day it was all over the world. The virus has caused delays in the work of ATMs and other necessary services. The tiny size of the program (376 bytes) allowed the virus to be sent in one package, which allowed him to quickly spread from one computer to another in a matter of milliseconds. The virus caused damage in the amount of 950 million. To 1.2 billion. Dollars.
The most dangerous computer viruses
5. Code Red
In 2001, there was a virus that was developed by unidentified Chinese sources. The worm spreads not by e-mail and through web browsers. Infected hosts transmit the virus through the sites, replacing the site in plain text, which simply flashed "hacked by Chinese!". Virus knocked 400,000 servers worldwide, including the web server of the White House, and brought damages amounting to $ 2.6 billion. Dollars.
The most dangerous computer viruses
4. Sobig F
Virus Sobig F was the sixth variation of the worm Sobig, which spreads via email in August 2003. Once the file is opened in an email, Sobig F sending copies of itself to all the contacts from the contact list of the computer. The virus has become the most rapidly spread the virus in history (at the time), within 24 hours of infecting one million PC and causing damage in the amount of 3 - 4 billion. Dollars.
The most dangerous computer viruses
ILOVEYOU virus was distributed via e-mail, and comes with application specific theme «ILOVEYOU». The letter was attached file called "a love letter-to-You.TXT.vbs». Unfortunately this letter opened many, many people. At that time - in 2000, awareness of computer viruses were quite low, and many people wanted to know out of curiosity, who was secretly in love with them. Virus originated in the Philippines, and caused damage in the amount of 5.5 billion. Dollars.
The most dangerous computer viruses
2. Mydoom
Mydoom is the fastest computer worm to spread in history. To this day no one knows who created it.Text file in the source code, said: "Andy; I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry. " In late January 2004, within 24 hours from the time of its launch, the virus has infected millions of computers around the world, distributed by e-mail. Mydoom created a massive botnet, then perform DDoS attacks on Internet giants such as Microsoft and Google, causing malfunction of the latter. Mydoom has caused an unprecedented amount of damage all over the world, and according to experts caused damage of around 38 billion. Dollars.
The most dangerous computer viruses
1. Stuxnet
Stuxnet is undoubtedly virus number 1 on this list, but in fact it is not even remotely resembles any other virus that was previously on the Internet. Stuxnet was not built to collect credit card information, account passwords. Stuxnet was a joint US-Israeli cyber-weapon, intended to harm Iran's nuclear power plant and the destruction or slowing any progress related to the development of Iranian nuclear weapons. Iranians discovered Stuxnet worm in their control system of nuclear plant in 2010. Stuxnet worked gradually and imperceptibly, increasing the speed of rotation of the nuclear centrifuges, which supported the plant, slowly destroying them. Virus has wiped out about 1/5 of centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear facility.
As infecting computers at Natanz, Stuxnet virus has spread all over the Internet and has built itself in computers around the world. Stuxnet source code can be downloaded and modified by its creators and can be used to attack almost any system that works using industrial programmable logic controllers - for example, reservoirs, power plants and other nuclear power plants. Stuxnet cyberattack opened a Pandora's box of basic utilities.
The most dangerous computer viruses

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